TNPSC VAO Exam – Overview

   The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission each year holds the prestigious examination TNPSC VAO which offers posts in the administration of the villages i.e. the officers who oversee and administer the functioning, performance as well as operation of various blocks and panchayats set up in the village are selected through the help of this exam. The officers thus selected are known as Village Administrative Officers and the examination is known as TNPSC VAO. It is one of the many examinations which the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission holds to recruit officers for conducting proper administration of the state but the unique feature of the VAO examination is that since it is related to the rural areas the officers are selected keeping in mind the villages as this will be the ground for them to carry out their administration.

The basic knowledge required for the TNSPC VAO exams

  • By clearing the TNSPC VAO examination a candidate may become the Village administrative officer and the basic understanding of the following matters must be known by the candidate:
  • Proper accounts to be maintained and reported at the end of every FASLI year
  • Annual revenue collection and rates of assessment
  • What accounts to maintain to record grant of land for cattle or dairy purpose
  • Provide assistance to the police
  • Furnishing or recommending inputs for the income of destitute widows or certain communities.
  • Knowledge of principles involved in survey, sub division of survey field and knowledge of Field Management book
  • Revenue Recovery Act ought to be known by the candidates
  • The fundamental information regarding sale of trees especially sandalwood trees must be known
  • The candidates appearing for the VAO exam must have knowledge about the Adivasis and Tribal of the area under his jurisdiction

In addition these, the candidate must also have a basic understanding of English, General Knowledge as well as Tamil.

The widespread popularity for the exam

The vacancies which are put up each year for the post of the Village administrative officer differ from year to year. On an average about two thousand to three thousand candidates are selected each year. The numbers of contenders for the posts are huge. According to the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission each year almost twelve lakhs to fourteen lakhs student appear for this examination which in itself speaks volumes about how important and popular this examination is in the state of Tamil Nadu. In 2014, the exam was conducted successfully on 14th of June and a total of thirteen lakh aspirants appeared for the exam.

The pay grade offered by the examination

The TNSPC VAO examination not only offers one a post which uplifts one’s status in the society but also a VAO is offered a substantial pay and a number of perks. The officer works in the scale of Rs 5200 to 20200 with a grade pay of Rs. 2400. Along with these the officers are also offered a number of perks and other facilities.

The course fee for VAO exam is Rs 13,483/- (Inclusive of Tax)

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